Collaborative Healing

to Grow Your Own Way

You deserve mental health treatment as unique as you.

Willow & Leaf Counseling draws on a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities to create a path to recovery custom to you. During intake we will explore cultural, age, language, and more to present you with informed options for care.

Virtual Office

Means Access Anywhere

  • Individual, Partner, and Family therapy for all ages.
  • LGBTQ Affirming & Identified
  • Trauma Focused and Informed
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Providers who speak English, Spanish, and Russian
  • Specialty therapies including EMDR, Gottman, and Psychedelic services.
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Benefits of Therapy

1. Better sense of connection with self and others

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2. Improved physical health

Did you know that loneliness is just as dangerous to one's physical health as smoking? Or how regular poor sleep can put you at risk for diabetes or heart disease? By targeting underlying mental health issues, therapy can protect your body too!

3. Learn more about your present, past, and future

Developing mindfulness skills helps us become aware and react appropriately to our current situation, but there's also value in exploring our past and present. Therapy can help you learn about generational traumas and gain ancestral support. It can also help you identify boundaries and values important to your future.

Mental Health Conditions Treated


Depression is an extremely common mental illness that's on the rise due to the global COVID19 pandemic. Depression can include low mood but also changes in energy, sleep, appetite, and motivation.


Anxiety can manifest in many ways including worry, obsessions, sleep problems, avoidance, and muscle tension. Willow & Leaf uses a combination of skills training, psycho-education, and talk therapy to foster relief.


Trauma can manifest as changes in mood, awareness, sleep, addictive behaviors, dissociation, and more. Willow & Leaf offers several specialized treatments help heal the painful effects of difficult experiences.

Chronic Illness

Studies have found that psychotherapy can be as effective as surgery for relieving many symptoms like chronic pain, tension, and indigestion. Let's work together to find something that works!

Times of Transition

Whether you're experiencing a divorce, a career change, are exploring your gender, or simply don't know what's next, Willow & Leaf is here to counsel you through whatever journey.

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