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Anastasiya Andreeva, LCSW


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I am a licensed clinical social worker who attended Jane Addams College of Social Work. My experience has been centered around working with people in all stages of life, with a particular focus on providing individual and group therapy to adults and older adults. I believe that healing and recovery have unique meanings and paths for everyone, and that no one does it alone. Therapy can serve as a powerful tool to gain deeper insight into our current needs and values, ultimately empowering us to build a life we find meaningful. My commitment is to create a collaborative and affirming therapeutic environment that is attuned to what you need in the present. Whether you're seeking therapy for the first time or are looking to navigate a new season in your life, I am here to provide support on your path to well-being and self-(re)discovery.


Existential Distress


Substance Use

Therapy Team

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